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George E. Kleiber, Northern Michigan Fine Artist

A Conversation about Art


Life is a celebration. I am still finding new ways to see and express my visions of loving life. You know each can make the world anew for oneself if you are open to it.

When I was younger I was going to be an artist, not a scientist, and those were completely different fields. I went into science but I always maintained the artistic side of my brain, which made me view life with a different perspective.

Finding out that they are not that different has been very exciting for me. How the frontiers of inquiry can guide both, science is moving toward art, not art toward science. 


Each piece of my art has a story. I love stories—all true. Sometimes a story is hidden in thought, a moment of contemplation. Sometime my art is dreamlike and one has to coax clarity. Either way the goal is to transport the person to a place in their heart of caring and love.


It’s all about perspective, for example, infinity is a long ways away and you can never meet up with it. Whereas, if you reverse perspective infinity is everywhere and you are part of it.


I love melanges of bright rich, warm colors and textures. I have painted in watercolors for over 50 years but they are a very difficult medium to use. Once the mark is down, they are there. They dry quickly, yet I love watercolors as they are the most direct method of laying in a mark, flowing from the eye, the heart and down to the hand. I also paint in oils and other mediums but in a sense I have to push. In other words, with oil paint you can do almost anything with it because it doesn't dry quickly and you can rework the surface. Either way everything I paint is alive, everything is moving getting lost in thought and moments in time. How alive is that?


So in conclusion, through my art let me celebrate one more beautiful day with you returning in surprise, and remembering and in rediscovering. Let me simply say, love comes on unexpectedly in life and goes on without any talk about it, if you are open to it, and even life itself can make you see the world anew.

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