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In this refreshingly entertaining book, The Wisdom of Art, is a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling and paintings, the author invites the reader into his world.


George Kleiber, Cardiologist and artist, reveals the heart of an artist — free, textured and transcendent. The author serves up 24 bite sized chapters full of moments of pure joy, pieces of heart, pieces of soul, and small pieces of his personal life. The stories are both serious, inspiring, enlightening, hilarious, disturbing and mysterious. Either way we get glimpses into the artists spirit, philosophy, sage wisdom and an occasional swear word.


All this helps you to identify and change. All art is kind of a confession, its meaning is not necessarily implied, there are only multiple readings and there’s always some mystery at the heart of it. You understand how to love and see more clearly, how to change what you don’t love by immersing yourself at the intersection of creativity and inspiration.


Whether you are looking to explore your world through the lens of an artist or looking to find something else in the artist’s collection you will meet your heart’s desire. We are helped to grow and evolve in understanding ourselves, each other and the world around us.


A bonus: there are secretly two books here, so if you ever wanted to read two books at once and enjoy both here is your chance! Here the paintings are accompanied by the narrative for a mind bending read. Few artists even explain their work, here is your chance to reflect between the text and painting and find your own quiet solitude.


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The Art of Wisdom

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